Report from the gardeners of ROD about the events on 23rd of May 2016

Police arrived between 4:00 and 4:20 AM. They entered the ROD area about 4:30 AM. They cut the chain locking the gate using boltcutters (they later claimed that they had no such tool with them). Six plain clothes officers entered people’s houses. Our friend was awoken by a group of policemen throwing questions at him about his identity. They later went on to search the whole area. They showed no search warrant in spite of being asked to show one and gave contradictory reasons for the intrusion. At one time they claimed to have received a call about a kidnapped woman who was being held here against her will. Police did not see anything inappropriate about the early hour of their intrusion. They asked about how we live here. They claimed they were carrying out a reconnaissance, and they spent about an hour in the ROD area. Finally, they left ROD.

Later, at about 8 am two police officers in uniform turned up at gate B and demanded the gate be opened. They said our presence here was illegal, but they gave no reason for showing up. They retreated after being asked for a court warrant.

At around 9:20 AM about 15 police officers arrived at ROD. This time they had been let in through gate C by one of the gardeners. They took ID’s from all persons present and once more asked questions about how many of us lived here, what the rhythm of life is, etc. This time they said the reason they had come was to count the number of homeless people.

Around 3 PM police showed up again. This time there were 5 of them, one had a big notebook. They aggressively asked the gardeners questions, repeating them over and over again, pushing an unregulated interrogation. They gave no legal grounds, gave no information. They sniffed around for about half an hour, then left.

The ROD gardeners will not succumb to the pressures of the authorities. We will continue our activities in spite of the repressions we are being subjected to. We invite all to visit ROD and take part in our activities. We will not be silenced. Earth to all who wish to work it.

Ask us for info on upcoming events!
Gardeners from ROD

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